Getting to Zlín

A "pick up service" is organized for all participants. Participants who wish to be picked up at the Zlín train or bus station in Zlín, or who would like to get help with accommodation, need to fill in a short form at least 72 hours before their arrival to Zlín. Participants shall receive more detailed information by email.
By air 
Zlín does not have its own airport. The air gate to the Czech Republic is the Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) which has daily connections from/to major European cities. There are reliable and frequent connections from Prague airport to the city centre by public transport and special airport buses. There is also a possibility to buy tickets, including from/to airport transport and tickets for connecting buses/trains to Zlín. The trip might take about 3,5 hours.
More information about flight timetables and transport connections from/to the airport is available on the website of Václav Havel Airport Prague at:

Another, and probably the best, possibility is to fly to Vienna (Austria) – 220 km from Zlín. There are several direct train connections to Otrokovice (10 km from Zlín). The trip takes about 2 hours.

An additional option is to fly to Bratislava (Slovakia) – 200 km from Zlín, approx. 2,5 hours trip, or Katowice (Poland) - 250 km from Zlín, approx 3,5 hours trip. There are train and bus connections to Zlín from both of these cities.
By train 
The Czech Republic has an extensive railway network, operated by three major railway companies: České dráhy, a.s. (ČD, Czech Railways), RegioJet and LEO Express. The general information on all connections can be found on the website In all cases, be sure to check the information on their websites.

Travelling by České dráhy, a.s.

Tickets are sold at every train station and it is not necessary to book your tickets online. The company provides first and second class travel. All their trains stop at Otrokovice (10km from the centre of Zlín) where you have to change to a shuttle train going in the direction of Vizovice.

Travelling by RegioJet 

RegioJet provides service on the arterial train lines. In combination with their bus, it is possible to get to Zlín from major Czech cities. If you decide to travel with RegioJet, we highly recommended you buy your tickets online. From Prague, you will take their yellow train from the main Prague train station to Otrokovice (and then change to the regional shutle train) or to Olomouc (direction of Havířov) where you will change to a connecting RegioJet bus. RegioJet provides discounts for people under 26.

Travelling by LEO Express

LEO Express trains go from Prague main train station to Otrokovice or Přerov, where you will change to a bus or a train to Zlín.
By bus
If you do not like travelling by train, you can use a large network of coach lines instead. Usually coaches tend to be faster, more frequent and cheaper than trains. The Czech Republic has connections from/to major European cities several times a week. Most international buses arrive in Prague (Florenc) or in Brno (Zvonařka). There are several buses running to Zlín from Prague or Brno each day. There are direct RegioJet buses connecting Vienna International Airport and Zlín. Further information on train and bus connections within the Czech Republic is available at:
By car 
Zlín is connected to the Czech motorway network. You can easily reach the country’s major cities from here.


Breakfasts are provided throughout your whole stay (starting from the first working day, weekends included). Lunch is not included in the fee.
However, participants will receive a TBU student ID card, entitling them to buy meals at reduced prices at the university restaurant  (if it is not closed due to the summer holiday). There are several different meals every working day, including vegetarian dishes. Participants can also buy snacks and drinks in the restaurant. As an option, participants can choose from a large number of restaurants or grocery shops in the town.
A small kitchen with a fridge, a hotplate and basic cookware is available at the dormitory. However, it might be necessary to arrange your own cookware and a washing-up liquid.


Accommodation for participants is provided in the University Halls of Residence. Accommodation is offered in double rooms equipped with furniture. Bed linen is also provided. Two double rooms share a bathroom and a kitchenette including a sink, a fridge, a hotplate, and basic cookware. Towels and soap are not provided.
In the University Halls of Residence, there is a laundry room, a computer room and a bike storage. Internet connection is provided with cable and/or wi-fi.
The University Halls of Residence is located within a short walking distance of all other university buildings.
The fee for accommodation is already included in the course fee. Please note that participants are required to pay a deposit while checking in.

The address of the University Halls of Residence is: náměstí T. G. Masaryka 3050, 760 01 Zlín.


In May 2004, the Czech Republic became a member of the European Union. This means that students (EU citizens) do not need a visa to enter the Czech Republic. They can enter the country with a valid passport or ID. Students who are citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (members of the European economic area) are also required to present the above-mentioned documents to enter the Czech Republic.
Students who are citizens of non-EU countries are required to obtain a visa to enter the Czech Republic. In order to obtain a Czech visa for the purpose of studies, applicants must provide relevant documents. For more information about the visa application and documentation, applicants must contact the Czech Embassy or Consulate in their home country. If you need a visa, please indicate it in the application form and we will provide you with the relevant documents that you may need.

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