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List of courses offered in 2023

Quantitative Tools for Qualified Managerial Decision-Making
Credits: 5 ECTS
Subjects covered:
-  Problem-Solving and Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making, Model Development, Data Preparation, Model Solution, Report Generation, Implementation, Management Science Technique
-  Linear Programming. Problem Formulation, Economical Model, Mathematical Model, Solution (Graphical, Software), Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution. Linear Programming Applications (Marketing, Finance, Production Management, Transportation). Solution of LP Models – the Simplex Method, Distribution Method
-  Network Models, Shortest Route Problem, Minimal Spanning Tree Problem, Maximal Flow Problem. Project Scheduling – CPM/PERT (the Concept of Critical Path, Determining of Critical Path, Time Slacks), Time-Cost Analysis
-  Waiting Line Models (Queuing Theory). Structure of Waiting Line System (Single-Channel Waiting Line, Distribution of Arrivals, Distribution of Service Time, Queue Discipline, Steady-State Situation, Multiple-Channel Waiting Line Models, Economic Analysis of Waiting Lines
basics of mathematics, linear algebra, and statistics

Processes of Risk Assessment and Treatment (online course)
Credits: 7 ECTS
The course introduces students to the terminology and aspects of risk classification, including the importance of risk management in ensuring the safety of processes and the environment. The course also includes an explanation of the phases of the general scheme of risk assessment and control, basic methods of collecting and interpreting input data and the formulation of principles for determining the scope and objectives of risk analysis. An integral part is the interpretation of qualitative methods and procedures for compiling a register of threats, endangered assets, defining the level of risk and vulnerability of assets, screening, including setting priorities and assessing the acceptability of risks. Subsequently, the basic methods and procedures of design and selection of measures to prevent and reduce risks using inventive methods and methods of risk monitoring are briefly clarified.
The lectures, practices, and related teamwork will focus on:
-  Introduction to the Study of the Subject (an acquaintance of students with the structure of the subject, conditions for granting credit and the course of the exam) and Terminology of Risk Management
-  Classification Aspects of Risks
-  General Risk Management Scheme, Methods of Data Collection, and Interpretation
-  Identification, a Compilation of the Register and Verbal Assessment of the Level of Threats and Endangered Assets
-  Qualitative Risk Screening
-  Basic Procedures, Principles and Methods of Risk Prevention, Mitigation and Monitoring
-  Design and Selection of Measures to Prevent and Minimize Risks Using Inventive Methods

Cybernetics & Informatics - Key 21st Century Sciences
Credits: 3 ECTS
Subjects covered in the course:
-  Cybernetics Informatics
-  Data Management
-  Data Security Computer
-  Security Penetration
-  Testing
Basics of the Linux Command Line

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