Participation in all supporting events, which represent an important part of the programme of the 2020 TBU Summer School, is included in the fee. Participants can take engage in different entertainment activities, organised in the afternoons or evenings.

This year’s events

Participants can look forward to participating in a weekend one-day trip, during which they will discover the beautiful surroundings of Zlín. The trip includes visits to historical sights set in the beautiful landscape of Moravia. In 2017 and 2018, summer school participants visited the Buchlovice castle, the Velehrad basilica, Kroměříž castle, the Javoříčko caves, castle Bouzov, Lešná Zoo, the largest Moravian spa Luhačovice, the longest waterslide in the the Czech Republic, or the unique Dlouhé stráně water power station.