Quantitative Tools For Qualified Managerial Decision Making (online course available only)

Organized by: Faculty of Management and Economics

5 ECTS credits

Subjects covered:

  • Problem solving and quantitative analysis for decision making, model development, data preparation, model solution, report generation, implementation, Management science technique
  • Linear programming. Problem formulation, economical model, mathematical model, solution (graphical, software), sensitivity analysis and interpretation of solution. Linear programming applications (marketing, finance, production management, transportation). Solution of LP models – the simplex method, distribution method.
  • Network models. Shortest route problem, minimal spanning tree problem, maximal flow problem. Project scheduling – CPM/PERT (the concept of critical path, determining of critical path, time slacks), time-cost analysis.
  • Waiting line models (queuing theory). Structure of waiting line system (single-channel waiting line, distribution of arrivals, distribution of service time, queue discipline, steady-state situation, multiple-channel waiting line models, economic analysis of waiting lines.

Competences required: basics of mathematics, linear algebra and statistics

Fee (course, accommodation, breakfasts and events are included):

  • First round („early bird“): EUR 620 (deadline: 30 April 2020)
  • Second round: EUR 670 (deadline: 31 May 2020) – cancelled
  • Online course: EUR 240  (due to spreading of COVID-19)

Guarantor: RNDr. Bedřich Zimola, Ph.D.

Lecturer(s): RNDr. Bedřich Zimola, Ph.D.