Environment and Population (cancelled)

Organized by: Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

Basic knowledge of environmental disciplines and elementary computer skills are thus required. It is recommended to have suitable device (smartphone, tablet) with the internet connection for field mapping.


Subjects covered:

  • natural hazards and risks,
  • paleclimatology and paleoenvironmental reconstructions,
  • erosion and soil protection,
  • geographical information systems (work with GIS software to produce maps, field mapping),
  • basics of citizen science in environmental applications.

Fee (course, accommodation, breakfasts and events are included):

  • First round („early bird“): EUR  550 (deadline: 30 April 2020)
  • Second round: EUR  600 (deadline: 31 May 2020)

Guarantor: Ing. Jiří Lehejček

Lecturers: Ing. Jiří Lehejček, Ph.D., RNDr. Jakub Trojan, Ph.D