Lean Engineering

Organized by: Faculty of Management and Economics

4 ECTS credits

Subjects covered:

  • Lean philosophy, lean thinking for economists, managers, technicians
  • Lean production
    • main ideas and principles of lean production
    • methods and tools of industrial engineering focused on increasing production process performance and efficiency
    • production concepts in the Czech Republic and in the world
  • Lean administration
    • definition of administration process in the company
    • process analysis and improvement model proposals for efficient administrative processes
    • teamwork and motivation for lean administration and production
  • Lean logistics
    • core principles of efficient enterprise logistics
    • material and information flows within the lean production and administrative logistics
    • KAIZEN activities in enterprise logistics
  • Lean in innovation processes
  • Good innovation – higher profit for company and customers
  • Innovation concepts – practical examples

Fee (course, accommodation, breakfasts and events are included):

  • First round („early bird“): EUR 620 (deadline: 30 April 2019)
  • Second round: EUR 670  (deadline: 31 May 2019)

Guarantor: prof. Ing. Felicita Chromjaková, PhD.

Lecturer(s): prof. Ing. Felicita Chromjaková, PhD.